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A geographically and culturally diverse region, the Hamilton & Waikato region has a range of activities and attractions to suit all ages and tastes - from surfing world-class breaks and crawling through caves to wine tasting and heritage trails. Check out the articles below for a more in-depth look at some of the region’s key activities.

Things to do in Hamilton & Waikato

  • Things To Do in Waikato, Hamilton, NZ
    Middle-earth Movie Magic

    If the Shire is at the heart of Middle-earth, then the Hamilton & Waikato region is at the heart of the Shire. When s... more

  • Things To Do in Hamilton - Waikato Cycle Trails

    A trip to the Hamilton & Waikato region isn’t complete without a few days spent exploring by bike. There are hundreds... more

  • Things to do in Hamilton - Attractions in Hamilton
    Free Attractions

    The diverse Hamilton & Waikato region provides an abundance of free activities and attractions so you can experience ... more

  • Hamilton Things to do - Hamilton & Waikato
    Walking, Hiking

    Get a mountain high or a river rush the simple way, with one of the region’s great walking and hiking trails. From ca... more

  • Family Activities - Hamilton things tod o
    Family Fun

    Make the most of family outings and holidays with the abundance of family-friendly activities in the region, whether ... more

  • Caving Adventure - Things to do in the Waikato
    Underground Adventure

    Millions of years in the making, the region’s caves, including the world-famous ones at Waitomo, provides a playgroun... more

  • Things to do in Hamilton & the Waikato
    Water Activities

    Whether kayaking, surfing, river cruising, fishing or soaking in natural hot springs, water activities abound in the ... more

  • Hamilton City Nightlife - Hamilton things to do
    Metropolitan Vibe

    At the heart of the Hamilton & Waikato region are its towns and main city of Hamilton, one of New Zealand’s fastest g... more

  • Hamilton Things to do - Hamilton & Waikato
    Culture and Heritage

    How better to experience a region than by its culture? And in the Hamilton and Waikato region, a rich Maori and Pakeh... more

  • Natural Habitat - Things to do in Hamilton & the Waikato
    Natural Habitat

    Hear a Tui’s warbling call, the clapping, whirring sound of a Kereru’s (wood pigeon’s) flight or the friendly, chitte... more

  • Golf - Hamilton Things to do

    Fancy some relaxation in the form of a leisurely round of golf as part of your holiday? Look no further than the Hami... more

  • Indulgence - Hamilton Things to do

    With its rolling hills and tranquil waterways, the Hamilton & Waikato region offers the perfect setting for indulgenc... more

  • Farm experiences - Things to do in Hamilton & the Waikato
    Rural Living

    Urban living gives way to gently rolling hills and lush green paddocks. Wherever you look in the region’s wide rural ... more

  • Things to do in Hamilton & the Waikato
    Museum Trail Guide

    From land wars, and the Kingitanga movement to agriculture and farming, the Hamilton & Waikato region is one of rich ... more

  • Hamilton Things to do - Food & Wine
    Food and Wine

    Fresh and local products and produce is best and Hamilton and the Waikato region is the place to make the most of som... more

  • Things To Do in Hamilton & Waikato, Hamilton Activities
    The Waikato War Driving Tour

    The Waikato War was fought from 1863 – 64 between British forces and supporters of the Kingitanga over the fertile fa... more

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