Social Media Training Breakfast: 27th Sept 2017

Want to know more about social media and how you can maximise the tools on offer to help grow your business? This in-depth two hour seminar covers each platform, with a focus on Facebook. You'll walk away with a deeper knowledge and a clearer direction on how you should be integrating social media into your business. We've also got guest speakers including one of NZ's biggest social media stars - How To DAD to talk about content creation!

Wednesday 27th Sept, 7:30am - 9:30am
Claudelands Arena, Hamilton

A light breakfast along with detailed seminar booklet provided.


1: The Social Media Landscape across NZ
2: Introduction to each Social Media platform

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter & LinkedIn
The key differences between platforms
The key opportunities across each platform for your business
3: Understanding the different audiences across each platform

Demographic breakdown
Geographic breakdown
4: How social media should work in addition to your current marketing
5: How to develop a successful social media strategy

The fundamental building blocks to achieve success
6: What is content, and more importantly - what is good content?

Posts, Links, Photos, Videos & Live Videos
When, How, Why - Is there a best time to post?
Optimizing for mobile
Written content and grammar
7: Engagement VS Page Likes, what should you be measuring?
8: How to build organic (unpaid) engagement
9: Community Management

How to maintain a two way conversation
Crisis Management, what happens when it goes wrong?
10: Understanding Paid Adverts

What is 'Boost', and should I spend what they're asking?
The successful advert strategy - our proven performer
11: Innovation – what’s next in the world of social media?
12: Where to from here? The next steps you should be taking
Summary / Q&A

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