11 Feb 15: Avis Big Break Promotion - Activity Operator opportunity

Avis are launching a promotion in mid-march, designed to inspire people to get out and explore more of New Zealand, whilst reinforcing a DriveSafe message for those travelling on our roads.

Avis will be asking people to select their preferred itinerary from a selection of 8 New Zealand road trips, for the chance to win their dream drive with 10 free days of Avis car rental, including a $1000 Z fuel voucher, $2000 towards accommodation, free flights and free activities enroute, and that’s where you come in..

To bring these trips to life Avis want to showcase some of New Zealand’s most popular tourism activities, giving up to 4 operators per itinerary the chance to enjoy valuable exposure to both the domestic and international markets.

For more information on this opportunity click here.