17 Aug 2016: Important Information about listing on newzealand.com

In response to the new Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA) which came into law in April 2016, Tourism New Zealand (TNZ) have made some changes on newzealand.com that affect their operator database which will in turn affect your listing on newzealand.com.

For those who already have a listing on newzealand.com these changes mean TNZ need you to confirm that your business meets your obligations under the new HSWA 2015.

To do so you will need to sign into your account on www.register.newzealand.com and confirm that your business meets your obligations. Because this is a legislative requirement from WorkSafe New Zealand, operators who fail to confirm that they meet their obligations under the new HSWA 2015, will be hidden on newzealand.com after the 30th of September, until they confirm that they meet these obligations.

You can find some FAQs about this here.

If you are listed on newzealand.com, please action this to ensure your listing stays live on newzealand.com and thus our website hamiltonwaikato.com.