26 Feb 16: Latest Stats

Expenditure up 31%

Visitor expenditure in the year ending December 2015 was up 31% to $9.7 billion compared with the previous year. The China market continued its upward surge, with a 63% increase to $1.7 billion. Research shows 6 million Chinese travelled overseas during the February 2016 Chinese New Year, indicating New Zealand’s strong growth in expenditure will continue into the YE March. Read more.

Arrivals up 10.7%

International visitor arrivals reached a record 3.172 million visitors in the YE January 2016, up 10.7% on the previous year. Growth was driven in part by increased air capacity, including the new Air New Zealand Buenos Aires to Auckland service. Launched in December, this has already stimulated the Argentina market with 211% or 1184 more visitors in January 2016 compared with January 2015. Read more.

Air connectivity drives growth

Aviation is widely recognised by governments as a key contributor to economic and social development, according to the latest PATA research report for TIA members.

Forecasts from the International Air Transport Association suggest that, by 2034, 7.3 billion airline passengers will be travelling globally, more than double the 2015 figure. A significant number of these additional passengers will be flying to, from and within the Asia Pacific region. Read more.

Regional spend up

New Regional Tourism Indicators show all RTOs recorded stronger international spending for January 2016 compared to January 2015. Domestic spending showed a slight increase, with Hawke’s Bay (+9%) and Queenstown (+8%) enjoying the largest growth. Read more.