10 Nov 2016: More guests bedding down

International visitors continued to boost guest-night numbers, particularly for motels and hotels, Statistics NZ said today. National guest nights for September 2016 were 6.4 percent higher than in September 2015.v

"Over two-thirds of the rise in guest nights was from foreign visitors," business indicators senior manager Neil Kelly said. "Most guest-night series are at record highs for a September month."

For September 2016, compared with September 2015:

  • International guest nights were up 12.4 percent, and domestic guest nights were up 3.0 percent.
  • North Island guest nights were up 6.6 percent, and South Island guest nights were up 6.0 percent.
  • All 12 regional areas had more guest nights.
  • All four accommodation types had more guest nights.

For the year ended September 2016, national guest nights were up 6.2 percent from the September 2015 year.

The Accommodation Survey collects data for guests staying in hotels, motels, backpacker accommodation, and holiday parks in New Zealand each month. Private accommodation is excluded.

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