17 June 2016: New data series provides more information on regional tourism spending

A new data series which provides more information on regional tourism spending, the Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates, has been released by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

MBIE Manager of Sector Trends Peter Ellis says this new data series provides quality and detailed information on regional spending.

“Better tourism spend information for the regions will help inform investment and planning in the tourism industry by providing further insight into where both domestic and international tourists are spending their money,” Mr Ellis says.

MBIE developed the Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates in consultation with tourism industry representatives to create a better measurement of the value of tourism in the regions. This new data set will replace the Regional Tourism Indicators that were developed in 2012.

The Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates measure the expenditure of international and domestic visitors in regions in New Zealand. Data users will be able to filter the information to get the data they need including break downs into region, country of origin, tourism product grouping such as accommodation, passenger transport and retail sales, and by year. The data used for the Estimates is based on administrative transaction data.

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