Tourism Growth Partnership – Round Closing 11 December

The fourth funding round of the Tourism Growth Partnership (TGP) is closing on 11 December 2015. Pre-screen applications need to be submitted to on or before Friday 11 December 2015.

The TGP is a contestable co-investment fund that allows Government to work in partnership with the tourism industry.  Since the first round, $10,426,677 funding has been approved across 20 projects.

The TGP is administered by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE). 

Changes as a result of the operational review

The TGP has recently undergone an operational review which has resulted in changes to the application process.  These changes aim to shorten the end to end timeframes for the application process, as well as giving an early indication of whether projects are likely to meet the objectives of the Fund. 

Applying for TGP Round Four Funding

If you are still interested in applying for TGP funding for your project within this round, MBIE invite you to submit your proposal using the new TGP pre-screening form [DOCX 175KB], on or before Friday 11 December. The TGP Independent Panel of Experts will assess the pre-screens and determine which should be advanced to a full business plan.

If your pre-screen is shortlisted, you will be advised of the due date for submitting a full business plan and will be sent the business plan guidelines (a copy of which can be found on the website). You may be invited to present your business plan to the Panel.

The pre-screens, and business plans must satisfy eligibility requirements and will be considered against assessment criteria.  You can find more information on requirements and criteria on the website.

Once it has reviewed business plans, the Panel will provide advice to the Chief Executive of MBIE about which projects it is recommending for TGP funding. The Chief Executive makes the final decision about which projects will receive funding.

If you have any queries, please email the TGP team at They would welcome your feedback on the new process, including any further improvements we can consider for future rounds.