31 Jan 18: A Piranha is coming... look out Balloons over Waikato!

Balloons over Waikato Trust are excited to announce the second Special Shape flying at Balloons over Waikato 21st – 25th March... The Piranha!

A Piranha is coming... look out Balloons over Waikato!

A Piranha is coming... look out Balloons over Waikato

Piloted by a 40 year veteran, from Albuquerque, USA, Doug Grimes says becoming a pilot was an accident. “I saw a balloon in the air, chased it down and bought it! My first ever balloon ride, was in my own balloon!”

Grimes flew at the Balloons over Waikato Festival back in 2014, with The Hummingbird, and cannot wait to fly our skies again, this time with Brazilian built balloon Piranha.

A very unique balloon, look closely and you will see he is wearing an apron, is holding a knife and fork, has a hook stuck in his lip and a bloody finger hanging out of his mouth!

Grimes says, “We just did a balloon Festival in Arizona where they filmed the movie “Piranha” last year. Seems to be more of a horror movie as there was a big boat party on the Lake and the Piranha showed up to eat as many of the party goers as possible. He certainly is an eye catcher!”.

You better watch out for The Piranha when he swims into Balloons over Waikato Wednesday 21st - Sunday 25th March 2017.

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