7 April 17: Annah Stretton - 25 Years of adding the Sparkle

This year Annah Stretton and her team will celebrate 25 years of being a designer, manufacturer and retailer in the New Zealand fashion industry. To mark this milestone Annah plans an exciting year at head office in Morrinsville, with a series of exhibitions showcasing her twenty five years.

For the month of April we showcase some of Annah’s fabulous entries from WOW - The World of Wearable Art, a renowned international design competition that attracts hundreds of entries from all over the world. This contest has encouraged an explosion of creative activity, inspiring designers from a wide range of backgrounds including art, fashion, and textile design to be innovative and to push the boundaries of creativity.

WOW gives entrants freedom of expression without the constraints of commercialism, it encourages lateral, original thinking and provides the opportunity to be innovative and inventive. Using the human body as a blank canvas, designers create works of wearable art to be exhibited in this annual show. Designs are brought to life in a spectacular stage performance – a world where theatre, fashion and art collide.

From Queen of Hearts, based around a fascination with historical royalty, to Black Tie, which extends the concept of making a dramatic entrance, Annah amazes us with her creativity, and her desire to create ‘the greatest frock ever.’

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