13 Feb 18: It’s a Family affair at Balloons over Waikato

The BOW Trust is delighted to announce the third trio of featured special shapes flying at the Festival in March thanks to Resene.

Balloons Over Waikato Special Shapes 2018: Resene 'Colour Fun for Everyone' Family

The Resene 'Colour Fun for Everyone' Family are 3 Special Shaped balloons from the USA & Canada, who fly together as a family; Introducing Boy, Girl and Dingbat aka Baby Boy.

Fathers and sons Richard & Jacob Vaillancourt from Canada and Joel & David Berka from New York, USA are the pilots and owners of the 3 balloons.

With fathers and sons piloting these balloons, it isn’t a surprise that both sons were inspired into ballooning by their fathers. Joel Berka, pilot of Baby Boy says “I had my first balloon ride when I was 1. As a child I loved hot air balloons and I knew I always wanted to be a balloon pilot”.

The Resene Colour Fun for Everyone Family formally are Oons Kearkle (Boy) and Oons Wiefke (Girl) who both originated from Holland. They were officially married in 2000, in Volkspark, Enschede in the Netherlands by the mayor of the town. The Baby boy is named Dingbat, and is a much smaller balloon then his parents. His message is to encourage young children to stay in school.

Resene’s Karen Warman says, "It's a great privilege to choose a special shape for Balloons over Waikato each year and we always look for balloons that are unique, colourful and fun. It's a wonderful event for families and we couldn't go past this delightful colourful trio. We're looking forward to seeing this family brightening the skies."

Make sure you bring your family to meet The Resene Colour Fun for Everyone Family at Balloons over Waikato Wednesday 21st - Sunday 25th March 2018.

Visit www.balloonsoverwaikato.co.nz for further information and like us on Facebook for the most up to date information.