17 May 17: Tribute to agriculture appeals to public

A sculpture inspired by New Zealand’s agricultural prowess has won the approval of the public in a major national art award.

Tim Elliot with his work 999 eight-gauge seeds of inspiration, 31 scoops of sunshine.

Tim Elliot’s artwork 999 eight-gauge seeds of inspiration, 31 scoops of sunshine is the winner of the 2017 Fieldays No.8 Wire National Art Award People’s Choice Prize.

Mr Elliot, of Kumeu, created the sculpture as a tribute to New Zealand’s primary industries.

The work features 999 lengths of eight-gauge wire set out in the Fibonacci spiral pattern exhibited by sunflower seeds. These are mounted on the domed surface of an LED light, giving the sculpture a second purpose as a functional lamp.

The petals of the sunflower are 31 ‘Kiwiscoops’ and the entire assembly is mounted on No.8 wire atop a cast iron wheel.

The Fieldays No.8 Wire National Art Award, which is managed by Waikato Museum with Farmlands as its main partner, challenges artists to forge No.8 wire and other agricultural products into sculptural artworks.

“The No.8 Wire Award is a great competition,” Mr Elliot says. “I applaud the whole concept of that show and I wish there were more like it.

“Through my art work, I always aim to provide some content that appeals to everybody. I feel art ought to be something inherently beautiful, accessible to all, and understood by everyday people. This award means a great deal to me because I feel that through this I have achieved my goal.”

Visitors were able to vote for their favourite art work among the 28 finalists on display at Hamilton’s ArtsPost since the exhibition opened on 21 April.

The exhibition closes on 22 May 2017, with selected artworks going on show at the Fieldays from 14 to 17 June at Mystery Creek.