10 Oct 17: Zebra foal the latest new arrival at Hamilton Zoo

A bouncing baby zebra foal is the latest arrival at Hamilton Zoo.

The week-old foal was born last week, although its gender is currently unknown. It is already on display in the Savannah area bringing Hamilton Zoo’s zebra herd to six.

The foal is the second for mum Zalika, who was born at Hamilton Zoo in November 2011 and dad Malawi who was born at the National Zoo and Aquarium in Canberra in 2012, and transferred to Hamilton Zoo in September 2014.

“The foal is doing great,” says Hamilton Zoo’s Ungulates Team Leader Aaron Gilmore.

“The foal is very sociable and curious already and straight out into the savannah with mum to explore which was great for our visitors.”

Zalika and Malawi’s older son Kaabo is set for transfer this Friday to Orana Park in Christchurch.

“Big brother Kaabo is off to join the female herd at Orana and, all going well, they’ll like the look of him and the Orana team will soon be welcoming his offspring,” says Gilmore.

The new zebra foal is yet to be named and the Hamilton Zoo team has decided to pass the honour on to visitors with a naming competition to be announced soon.