22 March 16: Waitomo Adventures Launches New Activity

Waitomo Adventures Ltd has pioneered a new route through the top of the Lost World cave at Waitomo, called "Lost World Through The Window”.

Waitomo Adventures Launches New Activity

Lost World Through The Window - Waitomo Adventures

CEO Nick Andreef says, “It’s pitched as a cross between a bridge climb and an eco-zip tour….but much much higher and in the incomparable Lost World setting. 

“This adventure will complement the two existing options at Lost World where (until now) visitors needed to abseil 100m before taking different routes traversing the deepest levels of the cave system.

Now you simply walk in on a staircase attached to a sheer cliff face. When the stairs run out in thin air you use two tyroleans (similar to a zip line) to continue along upper levels of the cave.

This activity is far less physically demanding than other options and should have appeal to anyone wanting to see this very special place but who doesn’t fancy the dramatic abseil. It suits a wide range of people from 10 years upwards and will be at a lower price point.

For more information visit: www.waitomo.co.nz